Keto Thousand Island Dressing


Hi, Eataholix Family. Hungry now? Let’s dive in, then. So, keto Thousand Island dressing is a great way to give meals more flavor and texture.

Not only is it super delicious, but it’s also low in carbs and healthy fats – perfect for those on the ketogenic diet.

This guide will provide detailed instructions on making this tasty dressing, as well as some tips and tricks for ensuring it turns out perfectly every time.


Keto Thousand Island dressing is a tangy, creamy combination of mayonnaise, ketchup, and sweet pickle relish. The ingredients can vary from recipe to recipe, but this version sticks to the basics, so you can customize it however you like.

Other common mix-ins are minced onion for extra flavor and Worcestershire sauce for an additional depth of umami.

To begin, you’ll need the following ingredients: 

– ½ cup mayonnaise

– ¼ cup sugar-free ketchup

– 1 tablespoon lemon juice

– 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion

– 2 tablespoons finely chopped dill pickles or sweet relish

– 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

– ¼ teaspoon garlic powder

– Salt and pepper to taste.

Once you have all the ingredients, it’s time to get started. Begin by combining the mayonnaise, ketchup, lemon juice, onion, pickles/relish, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic powder in a small bowl.

Mix everything until well combined. Taste and add some salt and pepper as desired.

Your keto Thousand Island dressing is now ready for use. You can use it immediately or store it in an airtight jar or container in your refrigerator for up to one week.

If you want to ensure your dressing stays fresh for longer, you can also freeze it for up to two months – be sure to let it thaw before using.

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How to Use keto thousand island dressing?

Keto Thousand Island dressing adds flavor and creaminess to salads, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and more. It also makes an excellent dip for veggies or chips.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use it as a marinade or even a topping for ice cream! The possibilities are truly endless.

Frequently asked questions

Is 1000 island dressing high in carbs?

No, the keto Thousand Island dressing is low in carbs. The main ingredients are mayonnaise, ketchup, and pickles/relish, which all have very low carbohydrate content. 

What does 1000 island dressing taste like?

Keto Thousand Island dressing has a tangy, creamy flavor with a hint of yummy sweetness from the ketchup and pickles/relish. It’s also slightly salty from the Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder.

Can I use regular ketchup instead of sugar-free ketchup? 

Yes, you can certainly use regular ketchup instead of sugar-free if desired. Just keep in mind that it will add more carbs to your dressing than if you used sugar-free.

What are the benefits of keto thousand island dressing?

You can elevate the flavor and texture of your meals with Keto Thousand Island dressing while still adhering to a ketogenic diet. This uniquely delicious condiment is low in carbs, packed with healthy fats, and full of essential nutrients.


Keto Thousand Island dressing is the perfect addition to burgers, salads, wraps, and more! It’s a great way to make your meals more exciting and flavorful without adding too many carbs. So give this recipe a try today. You won’t be disappointed! Enjoy Everyone!

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