Zus Coffee Menu Prices 2024 Updated

Are you on the hunt for your Malaysian coffee menus?

With a Zus coffee menu that balances timeless classics and adventurous new concoctions, there’s something for everyone to love.

Whether you’re searching for that perfect cappuccino, an exotic blend to spice up your routine, or a scrumptious pastry to accompany your brew, Zus Coffee promises not just a cup, but an experience.

So get ready to check and order your coffee menus; we’re about to take you through the ultimate price list of menus like Zus, Albian, KFC, Macdonalds, and Burger King.

Stay tuned to check the Zus menu coffee price list!

ZUS Coffee Menu Malaysia

Iced Buttercrème LattéRM11.90
Iced Buttercrème BlackRM11.90
Hot Buttercrème LattéRM11.90
Hot Buttercrème BlackRM11.90
Creme Series
Iced Velvet Crème Poring LattéRM11.90
Iced Velvet Crème Mango LemonadeRM11.90
Velvet Crème LattéRM14.80
Velvet Crème Matcha LattéRM14.80
Velvet Crème MochaRM14.80
Double Chocolate MuffinRM8.40
Banana Walnut MuffinRM8.40
ZUS Signatures
Japanese Genmaicha LattéRM11.90
ZUS Gula MelakaRM11.50
Spanish LattéRM11.90
CEO LattéRM9.90
Vietnamese Spanish LatteRM11.90
Iced Shaken Double EspressoRM11.90
OATSIDE CEO Latte (Hot)RM13.10
OATSIDE Spanish LatteRM15.10
OATSIDE Japanese Genmaicha LatteRM15.10
OATSIDE Cafe MochaRM17.00
OATSIDE Cafe Latte (Iced)RM13.70
OATSIDE ZUS Cocoa MochaRM17.00
Roasted Hazelnut LattéRM11.90
Cafe LattéRM10.50
Caramel MacchiatoRM11.70
Cafe MochaRM13.80
Hot Flat WhiteRM10.70
French Vanilla LattéRM11.90
Salted Caramel LattéRM11.90
ZUS Cocoa MochaRM13.80
ZUS Frappé
Salted Caramel FrappéRM15.50
Espresso FrappéRM15.50
Japanese Matcha FrappéRM15.50
Cocoa Mocha FrappéRM15.50
Double Chocolate Chip FrappéRM15.50
Java Chip FrappéRM15.50
Strawberry Chocolate Chip Almond Milk FrappéRM15.50
Caramel Cream FrappéRM15.50
ZERO Series
ZERO FrappéRM15.50
ZERO LattéRM12.80
Keto BlackRM10.70
OATLY Series
OATLY CEO LattéRM13.80
OATLY Iced Cafe LattéRM14.40
OATLY Café MochaRM17.70
OATLY Spanish LattéRM15.80
OATLY ZUS Cocoa MochaRM17.70
OATLY Japanese Genmaicha LattéRM15.80
Australian ChocolateRM13.60
Salted Caramel ChocolateRM13.80
French Vanilla ChocolateRM13.80
Roasted Hazelnut ChocolateRM13.80
Matcho LattéRM11.90
Chocolate RollRM9.50
Chocolate DonutRM5.20
Apple LatticeRM6.40
Vanilla Chocolate TwistRM9.50
Mushroom Chicken DeluxeRM11.90
Burnt CheesecakeRM14.50
Chocolate Fudge CakeRM14.50
Pandan Burnt CheesecakeRM14.50
Summer Berries CheesecakeRM14.50
Biscoff Baked Cheese CakeRM14.50
Non Coffee
Honey LattéRM9.30
White Vanilla Grapefruit TeaRM7.90
Chamomile TeaRM7.90
Earl Grey TeaRM7.90
Green Tea LattéRM10.50
zus coffee menu


Who is ZUS Coffee founder?

Zus Coffee was co-founded by Terence Ho and Ian Chuam, with Janica Lao heading the Choi Garden Group and Venon Tian serving as the chief operating officer.

Is ZUS Coffee a Malaysian brand?

Yes, ZUS Coffee is a Malaysian-born brand. They are scheduled to open their first location in Eastwood City on Tuesday, September 19.

Is ZUS Spanish latte sweet?

Yes, the Spanish Latté from Zus coffee is sweeter than a regular latté due to its combination of traditional espresso with sweet and textured milk. However, it isn’t as sugary as a latté containing flavored syrup.

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