KFC Menu Canada with Prices 2023

KFC is the most demanding fast food restaurant in the world, as KFC Menu Canada is one of the best for its iconic fried chicken.

The KFC fast food platform has been serving for over 60 years since 1955, and you will be offered a KFC menu with prices in Canada, from sandwiches to desserts to all types of chicken buckets. With the KFC Menu Canada coupons, you can enjoy their most delightful deals at reasonable prices.

KFC Menu Canada with Prices

KFC Menu Canada comes with a comprehensive list of fast foods by checking the demands and needs of people with takeaway options and KFC Delivery Menu Canada, subway, and KFC Menu 5 dollar Fill.

People like to give honest reviews about the KFC Canada menu and KFC menu prices in Canada as they are very much satisfied by the KFC menu price list in Canada, and specials menus, whether online orders or in person.

KFC menu with prices in Canada are fantastic deals on fried chicken slices with cheese, substantial light on the palate, and KFC burger menu Canada.

What Are The KFC Menu Prices Near Me

The most attractive feature of the KFC Menu Price Canada is its reasonable range for all of its offered items, whether Kentucky fried chicken, finger chips, cold drinks, and many more items. 

KFC menu and prices in Canada are the best combinations of KFC that have captured the hearts and taste buds of Canadian food menus. Experience at the KFC Canada menu is delightful with the welcoming staff and pleasant atmosphere as the KFC menu in Canada is for someone who only wants to eat chicken in any shape.

KFC Canada prices menu has become so famous that people living outside Canada also recognise its name as a synonym.

Unlike other fast food restaurants, KGC menus in Canada offer typical chicken recipes from competitors like Macdonalds, Burger King, and others.

KFC Menu Canada – Limited Time Offers

Menu ItemPrice
10 nuggets box mealCAN$ 18.38
Go bucket 3 nuggetsCAN$ 5.74
10 nuggets alcCAN$ 12.64
6 nuggets comboCAN$ 11.48
10p/10 nug fam fav feastCAN$ 45.4
10 nuggets comboCAN$ 15.49
6 nuggets alcCAN$ 8.61
20 nuggets alcCAN$ 19.99
30 nuggets alcCAN$ 34.49
6p/10 nug fam fav feastCAN$ 35.49
3 nuggets alcCAN$ 4.29
6 nuggets box mealCAN$ 14.36

KFC Famous Buckets

Menu ItemPrice
25 piece party packCAN$ 60.99
Variety bucketCAN$ 45.99

Dinner and Lunch Deals

Menu ItemPrice
Dinner deal for 4CAN$ 30
Lunch deal for 2CAN$ 15

Sandwiches & Wraps

Menu ItemPrice
Zinger sandwichCAN$ 10.39
Kfc famous chicken chicken sandwichCAN$ 11.49
Big crunch sandwichCAN$ 10.39
Spicy big crunch sandwichCAN$ 10.39
Kfc spicy famous chicken chicken sandwichCAN$ 11.49
Plant-based sandwich comboCAN$ 13.79
Zinger sandwich comboCAN$ 12.69
Zinger twisterCAN$ 10.39
Big crunch sandwich comboCAN$ 12.69
Kfc famous chicken chicken sandwich comboCAN$ 14.39
Zinger twister comboCAN$ 12.69
TwisterCAN$ 10.39

Original Recipe Chicken Combos

Menu ItemPrice
3 piece chicken comboCAN$ 13.79
4 piece chicken comboCAN$ 15.49
2 piece chicken comboCAN$ 11.49

Original KFC Recipe Buckets

Menu ItemPrice
6 piece bucketCAN$ 21.89
10 piece bucket and 3 large sidesCAN$ 40.29
10 piece bucketCAN$ 32.49
6 piece bucket and 2 large sidesCAN$ 28.79
14 piece bucket and 4 large sidesCAN$ 50.59
18 piece bucket and 5 large sidesCAN$ 62.09
14 piece bucketCAN$ 42.59
18 piece bucketCAN$ 50.59

Snacks & Add Ons

Menu ItemPrice
Small popcorn chickenCAN$ 8.09
5 hot wingsCAN$ 9.19
20 hot wingsCAN$ 25.89
Go bucket – popcorn chickenCAN$ 5.79
2 piece chickenCAN$ 9.19
Go bucket sliderCAN$ 5.79
2 hot wingsCAN$ 4.59
3 piece chickenCAN$ 11.49
Go bucket – 2 original recipe tendersCAN$ 5.79
Spicy original recipe sliderCAN$ 4.29
Popcorn poutineCAN$ 9.19
6 original recipe tendersCAN$ 15.29
3 original recipe tendersCAN$ 10.39
PoutineCAN$ 8.09
Or slider alcCAN$ 4.29

Sides & Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Individual gravyCAN$ 2.69
Individual friesCAN$ 3.79
Individual macaroni saladCAN$ 3.19
Large gravyCAN$ 5.79
Dip kfc sauceCAN$ 0.89
Blackberry bublyCAN$ 3.49
591ml pepsi zero sugarCAN$ 3.99
Pepsi 2lCAN$ 4.89
Individual original recipe seasoned cornCAN$ 3.19
4 biscuitsCAN$ 5.19
Large friesCAN$ 8.59
Individual potato saladCAN$ 3.19
7up 2lCAN$ 4.89
Pepsi 591mlCAN$ 3.99
Individual homestyle coleslawCAN$ 3.19

Most Popular KFC Menus In Canada

In Canada, KFC has become synonymous with finger-licking popular meals ever since it was created by Colonel Sanders in 1930.

Many of us are foodies by nature and love to eat something delicious and unique with our favorite restaurants like KFC Canada’s menu that includes chicken burgers, blue dragon, and emperor fried chicks Raiwinds.

As they try to avoid KFC Canada’s allergen menu, here are some famous items on KFC Canada menu specials.

Without waiting, let’s have a glance at a few of the most popular items that come with the exceeded expectations of chicken eaters.

Popcorn Chicken

Thi-sized pieces of chicken with a particular KFC flavor.

The chicken recipe is a go-to choice for those who can’t resist biting from a famous chicken box to a big Crunch box, these items contain a mix of chicken sides, pieces, and an additional drink to make them a satisfying and convenient option.

Big Box Meals

KFC Canada’s menu is known for a variety of big box meals that pair with the best of the menu items, including sauces and chicken recipes

Most Popular KFC Menus In Canada


KFC menu in Canada is innovative in a way that no one can be disappointed with any kind of version. Poutine is a national treasure with a generous portion of golden fries smothered in curd cheese and rich gravy.

Chicken Recipes

Without the patent chicken recipes, your menu for KFC Canada cannot be complete. It’s no wonder that with the Iconic crispy coating and flavourful juicy meat, this is the flagship of KFC menu Coupons Canada. 

Zinger Burger

If you have not tasted the Zinger burger on the KFC menu in Canada, you are right away from the real taste.

Looking for the spicy kick zinger burger would be the answer as you can enjoy a sandwich with the crispy chicken piece seasoned with the fry blend of spices, lettuce leaves, and mayonnaise served in a soft bun.


A wrap-style sandwich that is an all-time favorite is a KFC twister for those who are looking for a handheld meal. It includes grilled chicken strips, crispy tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise, all wrapped in a tortilla, as it’s a tasty alternative to a traditional burger.   


What is KFC known in Canada?

The KFC Canadian menu is well known for its unique blend of tastes and iconic recipes, especially made with chicken, whether wings, legs, or fried pieces. 

Is there Kentucky Fried Chicken in Canada?

Yes, Kentucky fried chicken is considered to be synonymous with finger-licking tasty meals for Cadians as well as for outsiders. 

Do they have KFC in Canada?

The major markets for KFC include the United States, China, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom.

Is KFC halal in Canada?

KFC in Canada is not halal certified.

Although there are innumerable fast food restaurants in Canada, one can compete with the KFC menu in Canada. Knowing the best deals with KFC Menu Canada prices, either with home delivery, subways, or travel options, is useful while making plans.

Happy eating the KFC Canada menu!

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