KFC Menus 2023 (Meals, Burger, Sandwiches Price List)

Are there any specific items on the KFC menu that you’re excited to try, or do you have any dietary preferences that influence your choices? Have you experienced variations in KFC menus with prices in 2023 based on different locations?

Here, we listed the latest KFC menu prices of chicken and wraps, sandwiches, burgers, beverages, side dishes, cold drinks, and waffles.

KFC Dinner Menu Prices 2023

KFC’s dinner menu presents an array of enticing choices, including bucket meals like the Side Lovers Meal, Chicken Bucket, and Piece Feast. The dinner options at KFC encompass an assortment of delectable dishes, ranging from Chicken Tenders to Sandwiches and Drumsticks to satisfy various preferences.

Accompanying these main courses are sides and beverages such as Macaroni and cheese and the KFC Bowl.

Delighting your taste buds with a satisfying dinner experience is possible from 5 P.M. to 12 A.M. at KFC, all for an affordable price of under $50.

Here are the KFC menu prices for 2023 in the USA;

KFC Chicken and Bucket Prices

  • 8-Piece Chicken Bucket: $20.99
  • 12-Piece Chicken Bucket: $29.99
  • 16-Piece Chicken Bucket: $39.99
  • 20-Piece Chicken Bucket: $49.99

KFC Burger Prices

  • Original Recipe Chicken Sandwich: $4.99
  • Zinger Burger: $5.49
  • Double Down Burger: $6.99
  • Crispy Colonel Sandwich: $4.79

KFC Sides Prices

  • Individual Mashed Potatoes: $2.49
  • Coleslaw: $1.99
  • Biscuit: $1.29
  • Corn on the Cob: $1.79

KFC Desserts Prices

  • Chocolate Chip Cake: $3.49
  • Apple Pie: $1.29
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie: $0.99
KFC Desserts Prices

KFC Drinks Price

  • Soft Drinks (Regular): $1.89
  • Soft Drinks (Large): $2.19
  • Iced Tea (Regular): $1.79
  • Iced Tea (Large): $2.09

KFC Bowls

Spicy Mac and Cheese Bowl Combo$10.15
Mac and Cheese Bowl$6.92
Mac and Cheese Bowl Combo$9.91
Spicy Mac and Cheese Bowl$6.22
Spicy Famous Bowl$6.21
Spicy Famous Bowl Combo$8.26

A La Carte Menu Prices

A La Carte Tender$ 1.99
A La Carte Breast$ 4.29
A La Carte Drum$ 3.79
A La Carte Thigh$ 3.79
A La Carte Wing$ 2.99
Famous Bowl$ 5.49

KFC Famous Chicken Menu Prices

2 pc. Drum and Thigh Fill Up$8.25
2 pc. Breast & Wing Combo$7.21
2 pc. Drum & Thigh Combo$5.60
3 pc. Chicken Combo$9.21
Chicken Combo$97.19
4 pc. Chicken Combo$11.05
Kentucky Fried Wings™ Combo$6.99
Hot Wings™ Combo$7.79

KFC Sandwiches Menu Prices

Chicken Little Combo$9.81
Jack Harlow’s Meal – Spicy$10.87
Classic Chicken Sandwich$6.02
Jack Harlow’s Meal – Classic$10.87
Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo$9.94
Classic Chicken Sandwich Box$12.56
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$6.02
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Box$12.56
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo$9.95
Classic Chicken Sandwich + Nuggets Big Box Meal$13.23
Spicy Chicken Sandwich + Nuggets Big Box Meal$13.24

KFC Tenders & Nuggets Menu Prices

8 Tenders Family Bucket Meal$31.58
Nashville Hot Tenders Combo$6.72
Tenders Bucket for One$14.44
Tenders Combo$7.30
16 Tenders Meal$52.64
Popcorn Nuggets Combo$7.25

KFC Chicken & Waffles Menu Prices

1 Piece Breast and Waffle Basket$6.56
2 Piece Drum & Thigh and Waffle Basket$6.56
3 Tenders and Waffle Basket$6.57
2 Piece Breast and Wing and Waffle Big Basket$8.58
3 Piece Drum & Thigh and Waffle Big Basket$8.58
4 Tenders and Waffle Big Basket$8.60
Chicken & Waffle Sandwich Combo$8.05
A la Carte Chicken & Waffle Sandwich$6.06
A La Carte Waffle$2.02

KFC Bucket Meals Menu Prices

8 Piece Chicken$16.44
8 Piece Family Fill Up$21.24
Side Lovers Meal$28.53
8 Piece Meal$24.26
10 Piece Feast$37.12
12 Piece Chicken$22.87
12 Piece Meal$35.67
Hot Wings Meal$7.79
Side Lovers 8 pc. Chicken Meal$32.62
16 Piece Chicken$29.15
16 Piece Meal$45.11
Side Lovers 8 pc. Tenders meal$32.64
Tenders Meal$7.30
12 Chicken Tenders$15.97
12 pc. Tenders Family Fill Up$20.17
12 Tenders Meal$25.74
6 pc. Filet Family Fill Up$20.10
Tenders Share Meal$11.79

KFC Beverages Prices

Colonel’s Iced Tea Sweetened$2.95
Gallon Beverages$7.98
Half Gallon Sweet Tea$3.66
Medium Beverage$2.16
Half Gallon Beverages$3.99
Half Gallon Unsweet Tea$3.65
Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning$3.05
Large Beverage$2.40
Bottled Water$2.71
1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket$4.91
Colonel Lemonade$2.98
Diet Pepsi$3.00
Dr. Pepper$3.04
Mountain Dew$3.01
Sierra Mist$2.87

KFC Drinks Prices

Sweet Tea$3.08


What is the $20 bucket at KFC?

The recently KFC introduced $20 Fill Up Box at KFC is a fantastic option for sharing a delicious meal. This special box is designed to provide a satisfying dining experience. Each $20 Fill Up Box is packed with an assortment of mouthwatering items.

You’ll get a generous portion of KFC’s all-new Kentucky fried chicken nuggets – 12 pieces. Alongside these crispy and flavorful nuggets, you’ll also receive four pieces of classic bone-in chicken.

To complement the main dishes, the box includes Secret recipe fries to please your taste buds. And what’s a KFC menu Canadian and USA meal price without their famous biscuits? You’ll get four of those delectable biscuits as well.

What comes in a $10 box at KFC?

The $10 box at KFC offers a delightful, satisfying, affordable meal selection. Inside this special box, you can choose between two equally tempting choices. You can either go for 8 pieces of the iconic original recipe bone-in chicken, renowned for its signature blend of flavors and crispy texture. Alternatively, you can opt for 8 freshly prepared extra-crispy tenders, known for their irresistible crunchiness.

Is KFC Halal in the USA?

No, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is not generally halal-certified in the United States. Most KFC restaurants across the USA serve food that is not halal, including items that may contain pork products.


So, it was all about the KFC meal prices and the offers that KFC does. You can also order your meal in the morning, evening, or night to energize your body with KFC’s delicious food. The KFC menus in France, Italy, the United Kindom, China, and Japan have been opened online so that you can order online.

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