KFC Wrap Of The Day Monday To Friday

Craving a delectable treat to kickstart your week or to wrap up a busy day?

KFC Wrap of the day from Monday to Friday offers a delightful surprise from Monday to Friday, ensuring you never tire of options. Each day boasts a unique flavor, meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you’re a fan of the spicy zest of the ‘Buffalo Twister Wrap‘ on a Monday or the comforting embrace of the ‘Kentucky Mayo‘ on a Friday, there’s something to suit every palate.

Dive into this flavorful journey and let KFC menus with prices take you on a compelling gastronomic adventure every weekday!

KFC Twister Wrap Of The Day

Day of the weekWrap of the dayPriceKcal
MondayKentucky Mayo£1.98520
TuesdaySpicy Supercharger Mayo £1.98530
WednesdaySmokey BBQ Twister Wrap£1.98490
ThursdaySweet Chilli£1.98500
FridayKentucky Mayo£1.98490

What is the KFC Twister Wrap Of The Day?

The KFC twister wrap of the day for Thursday is the Sweet Chilli twister.

Tomorrow is Friday.

The KFC Twitter wrap of the day for Friday will be the Kentucky Mayo twister.

Kentucky Mayo Twister

Day of the weekWrap of the dayKcal
MondayBuffalo Twister Wrap470
TuesdaySmokey BBQ Twister Wrap490
WednesdaySpicy Supercharger Mayo530
ThursdaySweet Chilli500
FridayKentucky Mayo490

How Much Does a Twister of the Day Cost?

Wrap of the day£1.98
Regular meal£3.98
Large meal£4.97

Classic Twister Wrap

Classic twister wrap£5.99
Regular meal£6.99
Large meal£7.98
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