Jalapeno Holly Chicken Salad Chick Recipe

The chicken salad, the jalapeno holly chicken salad chick recipe is an excellent essence to your meal.

Being health conscious, salads are the most popular choice for healthy, balanced, and nutritious intake. It contains the perfect amount of spices with a crunch of crackers per your preference.

By the term jalapeno, you might think the salad will be super spicy, but check out the chicken salad with jalapeno Holly. It is a perfect blend of spices and will make you like it.

Let me make the process more convenient by providing a detailed, easy jalapeno holly chicken salad chick in the next section. The recipe is personally tried and assured by myself.

Key Ingredients for the Jalapeno Chicken Salad

I use the following ingredients for jalapeno holly chicken salad;

  • Two cups of shredded chicken (should be cooked appropriately, and rotisserie chicken works well for this salad)
  • One and a half cups of mayonnaise
  • One by fourth cup of celery (diced)
  • 1 or 2 finely chopped jalapenos (you can add it as per your taste)
  • Chopped and fresh cilantro
  • Lime juice one tablespoon
  • Salt and pepper as per your taste
  • Sour cream
  • A large pot and food processor
  • Hand mixer and mixing bowl


Following my method, you must cook your chicken correctly and then shred it to prepare your jalapeno holly chicken salad. If you use Rotisserie chicken, you must remove the meat from the bonds and boil it for shredding.

Along with preparing the chicken, you must also prepare your vegetables. You can add your favorite vegetables.

For that, add celery and chop the jalapenos. It should be limited to your taste preference. If you have a cylinder, you can also chop it to add fresh flavor.

In another bowl, prepare the dressing for your salad. Add credit chicken to a mixing bowl, then put celery, jalapenos, and cilantro.


Afterward, in a simple jalapeno chicken salad, use mayonnaise and lime juice in the same bowl’s source element. For this, you can also add sour cream to add a more creamy texture or balance the flavor of jalapenos. Later on, season salt and pepper on the salad and mix it well for a fine.

For mixing, you can use a spoon thoroughly and ensure that the dressing is evenly coated in the chicken and the vegetables you added.

Jalapeno Chicken Salad Ingredients

To find the best salad taste, I recommend refrigerating this chick salad for 30 minutes before serving. I assure you that it will enhance the flavor to a greater extent. After that, you can serve your jalapeno Holly chicken salad with crackers. If not, then you can also serve it as a sandwich filling.

Jalapeno Holly Chicken Salad Chick

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes


  • 2-3 Cooked Chicken Breasts or Rotisserie Chicken
  • 4-5 Grillos Spicy Pickles diced
  • 1/2 Red Onion diced
  • 3 tbsp Diced Pickled Jalapeños
  • 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt
  • 3 tbsp Mayo
  • 1 tbsp Pickled Jalapeño Juice
  • 1 tbsp Pickle Juice
  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Boil chicken for 25 minutes and let cool.
  • Shred chicken into a bowl. Add onion, jalapeños, and pickles.
  • In a separate bowl, mix Greek yogurt, mayo, pickle juice, jalapeño juice, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.
  • Combine dressing with chicken mixture.
  • Adjust flavors as desired, adding more jalapeños for extra spice.
Author: Maryam Begi

Additional Tips for Jalapeno Holly Salad Chick

  • You can adjust the ingredients if you are still looking for a proper balance between salt, sore cream, jalapeno, etc.
  • Other than this, if the salad gets too thick, you will be recommended to use lemon juice or saw cream to balance the consistency by adding a bit more of them.

These precautionary steps help you enjoy restaurant-style jalapeno holly chicken salad chick at your home comfort.

Shelf-life of Jalapeno Holly Chicken Chick

The jalapeno holly chicken salad has excellent nutritional significance, and the overall taste pulls the eater towards it more often.

If you are concerned about the freshness of the salad, you can use or refrigerate the salad for 3 to 4 days without any concern for three or four days. It will remain as fresh as it is meant at the moment you can enjoy it without the limitation and factor of spoiling.

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