Keto Chocolate with Coconut Oil (6 Ingredients)

Well! Close your eyes and think about dark chocolate recipes. 

What comes to your mind at first instant? Cake mousse, ice cream, Brownie, or Chocolate bars? So, if you are searching for low-carb keto recipes with chocolate as a main ingredient, I have a wide variety of recipes, including chilled desserts, creamy mousses, baked items, and many more. 

So chocolate is an ultimate dessert in itself, and luckily, it is keto-friendly but in moderate amounts to avoid fat.

Most low-carb keto chocolate recipes call for unsweetened chocolate bars and cocoa powder. At the same time, some recipes can be with 80% cocoa or high chocolate bars. 

Without waiting, let’s jump into the best keto chocolate dessert.

Easy Keto Chocolate with Coconut Oil

Today, I would like to share my favorite recipe for dark chocolate with keto-friendly ingredients. 

I won’t lie; it has a lot of steps to do. I use dark chocolate in this recipe as a low-sugar compound. So, if you like unsweetened chocolate, do not forget to add extra sweetener to it. 

You can name these bars fat bombs or keto chocolate bars because they are easy to make and delicious with just a few common ingredients. 

Hands-on: 10 minutes

Overall cooking time: 45 minutes

Serving size: 1 chocolate bar


  • Dark chocolate: 4 oz at least 85% cacao 
  • Powdered vanilla: 1 tsp or 1 tbsp sugar-free vanilla extract
  • Powdered Erythritol:2 tbsp 
  • Brazil butter: ⅓ cup 
  • Coconut oil: 2 oz
  • Liquid stevia extract: optional few drops

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

I used especially Brazil butter and Macadamia for this recipe. You can also go for pecan butter, coconut oil, nut butter, cashew butter, or almond butter as an alternative to ghee. 

Keto Chocolate with Coconut Oil

Step 2

In a double boiler, melt the dark chocolate and cocoa butter in a pan and bowl on top of the small container filled with water to make it entirely hot. Turn off the heat once it is completely melted. 

Step 3

Add powdered Erthritol, vanilla powder, and macadamia butter and mix well for a smooth combination. Add butter and mix Kito again for good results. 

Pour 2 tablespoons of chocolate mixture into the mini tray with partitions or an ice tray to make cubes. 

Step 4

Place the chocolate tray in the fridge overnight or for 2 to 3 hours and let it solidify. 

You can refrigerate it for up to 3 to 4 months or one week in a deep freezer. 

Keto Chocolate with Coconut Oil

Flavor Variations on Chocolate Keto

White chocolate: Instead of unsweetened chocolate, you can go for sugar-free white chocolate as well

Peppermint chocolate: In the chocolate mixture, you can add ½ teaspoon of pure peppermint extract in the batter to have a delicious taste of peppermint

chocolate keto recipe

Milk chocolate: In place of unsweetened chocolate, use ket milk chocolate chips as an alternative

Orange chocolate: To get the orange flavor in chocolate bars, pour ½ teaspoon of orange extract into the mixture

Toffee chocolate: Adding keto candies in crushed form would be the best option to make kids happy. 

Cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg: Add these into the batter to have a flavor for a wintery wine.

Chilli flavor: A fiery kick pinch of chili can be as good as any other flavor.

Seeds and nuts: To make your dark chocolate healthier, go for nuts and seeds like walnuts, almonds, pecans, and hazelnuts.

Granula: A peanut butter or low-carb granola for delicious taste can be a good one. 


Which nuts are keto-friendly?

There are many nuts friendly to keto, like macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, pecans come with the lowest amount of carbs per serving with high energy levels. So it can be used as a keto diet.

Can you drink milk on keto?

Dairy milk contains many carbs, so it’s not keto-friendly.

Can you have yogurt on keto?

Yogurt can fit into the keto diet, but to have good results, you should be careful about portion size and reading labels to ensure that you take unflavored versions.


While many keto-friendly chocolate brands are out there, they are extremely expensive.

So how can you get the chocolates for your kids?

Making keto-friendly chocolate recipes at home is more fun than buying from outside. The recipe shared above with dark chocolate with nuts is amazing and usually reaches 90%, which is excellent. But this flavored version is even in darker color and taste and comes with incredible subtle coconut flavor, and the addition of chopped nut has enhanced its tone even more. 

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