Broccoli Cheese Casserole Keto

Want to know which vegetables are the best Broccoli cheese casserole Keto?

Then you have landed at the right place. I am here to guide you about the best vegetable keto recipe, loaded with nutrients, low carb, and incredible to improve your overall health. It would be a great low-carb lunch or dinner idea with any plain or additional flavors to enhance the aroma and appearance.

Most people need to learn about a ketogenic diet as they automatically envision a plate of eggs and bacon. You do not have to stop here because many keto recipes are made with vegetables.

In addition to getting a considerable amount of fiber, there are many other reasons to make and eat vegetable recipes. A well-formulated ketogenic diet is best for mineral balance; salt and fat with non-starchy vegetables is the best option for many.  

So, if you need a delicious and easy Broccoli cheese casserole keto recipe as a side dish with steak or chicken, look no further than this recipe.

Easy Keto Broccoli Cheese Casserole

One of the classic combinations is Broccoli with cheese that any pickiest can resist. A nutritious and comforting casserole loaded with broccoli as a main ingredient and cheese should be a winner for your dinner.

The benefits of broccoli are that it is filled with loads of minerals and essential micronutrients as it is a superfood with many plus points. You can use Broccoli in many versions like it can be chipped as salad, pureed into soup, and creatively blended in a dip.

Broccoli Cheese Casserole Keto

Since cheese is made from milk and is full of calcium, it helps strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis as we age. Moreover, it causes less inflammation, and vitamins A, D, K, and zinc contribute more to bone and overall health.

The cheesy chicken casserole features soft, tender broccoli textured in creamy, rich, homemade cheddar cheese sauce.

What could be better than this for your kids? 

Your kids love this as it is a simple and delicious baked broccoli casserole.

Nutritional Information (per serving):

  • Calories: 320
  • Total Fat: 28g
  • Net Carbs: 5g
  • Protein: 12g

Ingredients of Broccoli Cheese Casserole Keto

You will not need any canned cream of mushroom soup, which is a star ingredient in keto broccoli cheese casserole.

  • Cream cheese is full of fat.
  • I would like to use fresh broccoli, but as an alternative, you can use frozen as well.
  • For cheddar cheese, you should go for pre-shredded cheese to save time. Alternatively, you can grate your cheese at home, too. 
  • Optionally, you can use a topping of almond flour and parmesan cheese textured and flavored with a pinch of onion powder. 

How to Make Broccoli Cheese Casserole Keto

The process of making cheesy broccoli is simple. 

Broccoli Cheese Casserole Keto
  • The first step is to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and ready the casserole dish with the spraying of non-stick spray. 
  • If you want fresh broccoli, steam it or boil it. Wash and chop the head of broccoli in small bunches or florets. 
  • In a large pot, make a boil to water boil the broccoli for 4 to 5 minutes until it becomes soft and crisp. Drain and set it aside. 
  • During the cooking of broccoli, you can make a sauce for your dish. Mix softened cream cheese, 1 cup of shredded cheese, salt, garlic powder, sour cream, and pepper, and mix well until combined.
  • Add the broccoli to the batter and stir to coat. The consistency of the sauce will be very thick, but it can lose its character when broccoli is added to it. 
  • Add some heavy cream or chicken stock if it still seems thick.  
  • Now pour the broccoli into a casserole dish and top it with ½ cup of cheese. 
  • On top of it, add some amount of almond flour and parmesan cheese to make a crispy topping. 
  • Now bake the casserole in the oven for 20 minutes until it gets light brown and bubbly on top.

How to Make Cheesy Broccoli in the Skillet

Making cheesy broccoli with cheese in a skillet is simple. You have to gather all the ingredients in a bowl with spices and put them in a skillet with light oil. Add cheese as a topping when it is cooked and half done. When the cheese is melted, you are done.   

There is a comprehensive list of vegetables that are good on keto, like mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach are very well known. Still, anyone wanting a keto-friendly diet should avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes, beans, and sweet corn. 

Cauliflower, green beans, and kale are net carbs of vegetables but high in nutrients. So, these are the best to add to your keto diet.

While Carrots are too starchy for keto, cauliflower is acceptable due to its low-carb net count.

Broccoli Cheese Casserole Keto

Indulge in a Broccoli Cheese Casserole Keto recipe, the perfect low-carb comfort dish blending cheesy goodness with healthy broccoli!
Servings 6


  • 4 cups broccoli florets
  • 2 cups cheddar cheese shredded
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup cream cheese softened
  • 1/4 cup onion finely diced
  • 3 cloves garlic minced
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes optional
  • 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese grated (for topping)


  • Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C).
  • Steam or blanch broccoli florets until they’re just tender. Drain well.
  • In a saucepan over medium heat, melt the cream cheese. Add heavy cream, 1 1/2 cups of cheddar cheese, minced garlic, diced onion, salt, and black pepper. Stir constantly until the mixture is smooth and creamy.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the drained broccoli and cheese sauce. Mix well, ensuring broccoli is well-coated.
  • Pour the broccoli-cheese mixture into a greased baking dish.
  • Sprinkle the remaining 1/2 cup cheddar cheese and 1/4 cup grated Parmesan on top.
    Broccoli Cheese Casserole Keto
  • Place the baking dish in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes, or until the top is golden and bubbly.
  • Allow to cool slightly before serving.
Author: Maryam Begi
Calories: 320kcal
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